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Wednesday , June 28 2017

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Happy New Year Greetings 2017

Countries around the world are making New Year with great festivities because New Year’s comes once a year, so it’s worth it to make the New Year’s festivities memorable and charming. People select best places to celebrate the New Year festivities and they try that the fun doesn’t have to stop at New Year’s Eve. In many countries the preparation of New Year’s celebrations starts many days before. Every country celebrates New Year at their own way because every country has their own cultural and traditions so they celebrate their New Year festivities by following their cultural and traditions. It becomes the traditions to wish the Happy New Year and people every year wish their love once, family and friends. 2016 at reaching the ending stage and New Year 2017 is coming soon after few months, so the celebrations of the New Year 2017 are reaching at the top as the day passes.

Happy New Year Greetings:

Happy New Year Greetings 2017

Happy New Year Greetings 2017

Happy New Year Greetings 2017

Chinese New Year:

In China, Chinese New Year is also famous as Spring Festival and it is most important festival in China. There is an official public holiday in China on New Year. Here is very important question arises that why do people celebrate Chinese New Year? In China there are many interesting legends and stories are present which explain the start of the Chinese New Year Festival but the two main reasons that are behind the celebration of the New Year are, first one is to celebrate a year of hard work, to get a good rest and mainly relax with family, and the second one is to wish for a lucky and prosperous for coming new Year. New Year 2017 is on the way and the celebration for the New Year Eve 2017 in China must be memorable and charming like previously was celebrated in China.

Chinese New Year 2017

New Year’s Eve at New York:

Every year as the clock’s needle is near midnight on 31 December, the eyes of the people of the world turn once more to the glittering, drizzling lights and bustling energy of the Times Square. The whole world holds its breath and cheers as the clocks strikes 12. New York’s eve at the symbolic center of the city of New York has becomes a global tradition more than a celebration.

New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop:

New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop very famous and this ball is a prominent part of the celebration of the New Year’s Eve. People all over the world are focused and love to watch sparkling Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball. Estimated one million people and millions nationwide and over a billion throughout the world watching farewell to the departing the year and they express the happiness and joy and hope for the year ahead. The New Year’s Eve celebration stars with the musical performances, handouts, balloons, colorful pyrotechnic display. People arranged New Year’s Parties, they share New Year’s messages with their friends and family members. Coming New Year’s Eve 2017 follow the same tradition of Ball drop at Times Square at the New York City.

New Year Eve 2017 at Dubai:

Dubai is the city full of attraction, beauty with amazing places that catch the hearts of the visitors. It is not possible that the city that holds the heart of the visitors not make some special arrangements for the New Year’s celebration. Following the tradition of celebration of New Year’s Eve this year once again Dubai prepares itself for a tremendous celebration after having broken the world record that this city awarded for the largest and longest fireworks display for the NYE 2014 celebrations in the world. New Year’s Eve 2017 plans are on the way to make the celebration spectacular than before. Every year in Dubai the extravagant arrangements are capable of accommodating and also hosting the millions of visitors. New Year’s Eve in Dubai has so much for the world, the celebrations, the New Year’s parties and many more attractive performances are the specialty of this city. Dubai offers many more New Year’s Eve as compared to any other city. People across the world love to visit Dubai especially at the time of New Year. Some notable celebration of this city is, Downtown Dubai NYE celebrations, Dubai NYE Dinner Cruises, MEYDAN New Year’s Eve Celebration, New Year’s parties in Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Nasimi Beach party, and many more.

New Year’s Eve 2017 in London:

New Year’s Eve in London always big on celebrations, because whether you belong to local or you just visiting London for holidays but it is sure that the celebration you find at London will surely amaze you deeply. London has some spectacular nightlife and as well as host of events and mainly is that mighty New Year’s Eve firework display. The specialty of the London is the fun doesn’t stop on the 31 December, you can enjoy a leisurely New Year’s Day at London’s top attractions or you can enjoy refreshing walk around the city. London comes alive with the celebrations, parties, fireworks these things make London New Year’s Eve very special and unique. The coming New Year 2017 you can see the London again bring full of celebrations with a lot of happiness and joy for the visitors.

Not only these mentioned countries but a lot of countries around the world celebrate the New Year’s Eve, here we can sum up New Year’s Eve as joy, hope and wish. People are crazy for the New Year’s Eve. New Year 2017 is on the way and here we can just hope for the best, and pray for the happiness and joy for the coming year. New Year 2017 is on Sunday and the celebrations held on Saturday. Happy New Year 2017 in Advance.

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